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How can I improve my listing?

Here are some top tips on how to improve your listing to increase your bookings:

  • Accept bookings online: booking requests are a quick and easy way for guests to reserve your property. Make sure your calendar is up to date and respond within 24 hours to enjoy the success of renting on our sites.   

  • Respond within 24 hours: respond immediately when you receive a new inquiry or booking request. A 100% response rate will give you a better position in our search results.

  • Keep your rates up to date. Your property will not come up on search results if you don’t have rates. You can add rates for up to 18 months in the future.

  • Keep your calendar up to date: guests find nothing more frustrating than an out of date calendar. Keep yours up to date with new bookings as they come in.

  • Collect reviews from previous guests: that extra testimonial could persuade a traveler to book your place over another. Collect reviews throughout the year to keep your feedback  current.

  • Pick great photos: your cover photo can make a good first impression, but the rest still need to work hard to seal the deal. Choose high-quality shots of the inside and outside of your property and of the local area. Use all 24 photo slots.

  • Write to excite: your property description appears in our search results – it’s the place to entice new guests. Talk to your target audience, say what makes your place so special and add keywords for a search engine boost.

  • Draw on local knowledge: share details of great things to do in the area to tempt guests to book. Your local knowledge can give your place an edge over the competition.

The Activity page in your account gives you a summary of how much interest your listings get. It can help indicate when your peak booking season is, so you know when to have your listing in booking-ready shape.

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