How do private rooms work?

What is a private room?

A private room is a room in a property which you let out on its own. This could be a room in a private residence or in a holiday home. Guests sleep in their own room but share living areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, with the owner and/or other guests.

How do I advertise a private room?

To advertise a private room you need to create a new property listing in your account. Go to My listings, click on Add new property. In Property Details, select Room from the Other drop down list as the type of space.

  • Enter the information for your listing by ticking the boxes next to the different amenities. For example, indicate if the room has ensuite bath and shower facilities.

  • Before your private room listing can go live, you must complete our validation checks. These help us prevent fraud and provide guests with peace of mind. You’ll need to provide a copy of a government issued ID and proof of your address. We’ll tell you how to submit this during the listing process. 

  • If you have already completed these checks, you will be able to list your private room(s) immediately by following the instructions above.

How do I advertise all the rooms in my property as private rooms?

  • You’ll need to create a new listing for each individual room like you’re adding a new property. Go to My listings, click on Add new property and select Private room from the Property Type drop down list. You can add as many rooms as you’d like in this way. 

  • You can still rent out the property as a whole, but you will need a separate listing to do this.

  • If you are listing a private room and have a separate listing for the whole property, when you accept a booking you will need to update all the relevant calendars to avoid double bookings (this does not happen automatically). When you accept a booking for the property as a whole, update the calendars in your private room listing(s). When you accept a private room booking, update the calendar for the whole property in the same way.

What other information should I share with guest(s)?

  • Guests will want to know if they will have their own private bathroom or will be sharing one with you or other guests. 

  • Also mention if you have any pets, children or allergies. Enter these details in the property description to inform guests before they book.


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