My guest wants a VAT invoice for their booking - where can I get this?

Because you receive payment from the guest, you may be required to provide them with a VAT invoice if they request one. You’ll need to include the following key information:

  • Full name and address of the guest who paid (if you have it)

  • Your VAT number (if applicable)

  • Your business address

  • Payment date

  • Dates of the stay

  • The total amount the guest paid including:

    • Our commission and any taxes (you’ll find these on the invoice we send you for the booking on your Track payments page)

    • The booking fee the guest paid (you’ll find this on the Bookings tab)


Why doesn’t the invoice you send include the booking fee?

The invoice we send you won’t include the booking fee because this is paid to us by the traveler on a business-to-consumer (B2C) basis and is separate to the rental payment you receive.

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