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Why am I not receiving inquiries?

We recommend doing a few basic checks to work out what the problem is:
  • Is your email address correct? Go to Contact settings to check your contact details. If you’ve entered a bookings email address, all bookings and inquiries will be sent to that address. 
  • Are emails being sent to your bookings email address? 
  • Is there plenty of space in the inbox of your email account?
  • Are our emails going to your spam or junk folder? Search your folder to see.
  • Add a rule in your email account to mark all emails ending in as safe.
  • Do you have a Gmail account? Your inquiries may be dropping into another tab by mistake. 

If all of the above is correct, send yourself a test inquiry via the contact form on your listing. If you don’t receive that inquiry within a couple of hours, please contact us and we’ll investigate the problem for you.

Please note: internet service providers sometimes delay emails by a few hours.
If you’re worried about the number of inquiries coming through, remember that seasonality plays a part in determining this, so there’ll naturally be times of the year where inquiries are a little slower. However, there are things you can do to make sure the inquiries keep rolling in all year round. Take a look at our blog for advice on how to market your home and make the most of your listing. It’s updated regularly so keep checking back for more tips on renting your home.
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