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Why can't guests pay/contact me directly?

To provide a secure booking experience for both owners and travelers, we require all communication to go through our secure messaging system.

This means that direct contact details such as telephone numbers or email addresses can only be exchanged once the booking has been paid in full.


Communicating this to guests

If a guest asks to speak to you directly by phone or email before the booking is paid and confirmed, or if they ask for a link to your personal website, it is likely that they don’t know about our terms and conditions.

We understand that you may want to agree to their request, but please tell them politely that you can only share contact information once the booking is paid in full.

Here are a few suggestions on how to communicate the process to your guest:


  • “Please understand that we’re unable to speak on the phone until the booking has been fully paid. This helps protect your payment and our details.”

  • “I’d be more than happy to speak with you on the phone once the full payment has been made. Until then, I can answer any questions you may have here. The website requires that we use the secure messaging system until the booking is finalized.”

  • “I’m unable to see your phone number or email until the booking has been paid in full. This is a safety precaution the website uses to protect your payment and our details”

  • “I’m unable to call you until the booking has been paid in full (the website requires this for security reasons), but I look forward to speaking with you and am happy to answer any other questions on here in the meantime.”


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