How do I get a copy of my certificate of excellence?

Once the qualification period is over, we’ll need to take a look at the results before we can announce the winners. You can check if you’ve qualified for the award on the Certificate of Excellence tab on your Performance page.
To order your paper copy of the certificate, follow the instructions in your announcement email and click on the Claim your Certificate button.
Make sure that you have the complete address including your postcode, street name and house number on the form, as the certificate may not arrive if we’re missing information.
Once you’ve requested the paper copy of your certificate, it will take a minimum of eight weeks, (longer if you’re based outside of the US) for the certificate to be delivered. Unfortunately, we’re not able to track the progress of your delivery once your certificate has been dispatched.

Already requested a paper copy but it didn’t arrive as expected?
Learn how to make sure you get yours.

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