How do I change my message in a quote?

You can amend the automatic message template by going to Message templates. In this section you can personalize the following messages:

  • Your quote message

  • Your deposit paid message

  • Your balance paid message

Tips for editing the message before sending a quote

  • We've included dynamic text that will automatically add info like the guest's name and your property name. Try not to edit this.

  • Avoid any spam-heavy words or phrases so the email doesn't drop into the guest's junk folder by mistake.

  • Add a space between each paragraph - spam filters will be alerted to emails that don't include normal paragraph breaks.

If you’ve deleted some dynamic information and need to use it again, simply write the following tags (exactly as they appear below) into the relevant places in your messages:

  • ***GUEST-NAME***


  • ***DUE-DATE***

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