How do I connect calendars from other sites? (for owners)

Using a common calendar format (.ics), you can keep all your calendars updated and synchronized.

You can synchronize your TripAdvisor calendar with HomeAway, Google, Airbnb, Yahoo!, and any other calendar that uses .ics format.

How do I connect an external calendar?
Go to Calendar:
  • Click Connect a calendar (or Manage my calendar if you’ve got at least one connected calendar already)
  • Select the type of calendar you want to import (e.g. HomeAway, Google…)
  • Paste the web link of this calendar (e.g.… )
  • Give the imported calendar a name
  • Click Connect
If you need to make any changes to a connected calendar, click  Manage my calendar > Connected calendars. Make the necessary changes and click Save changes.

How do I manually sync my calendars?
Simply click Manage my calendar > Connected calendars on the Calendar page. Open the connected calendar and click Sync.

How do I disconnect an external calendar?
If you want to disconnect a synced calendar, follow these simple steps:
  • Click Manage my calendar > Connected calendars
  • If you have more than one synced calendar, click the ‘+’ symbol on the calendar you want to remove
  • Click Delete
Things to note
  • Calendar sync updates your TripAdvisor Rentals calendar every day. This calendar won’t push out updates - only import them.
  • Calendar sync marks dates in your TripAdvisor Rentals calendar as unavailable if they’re unavailable on another site. It will never cancel an existing booking on TripAdvisor, or change any reserved dates to available.
  • When adding bookings to any other calendar, the “event” must start from the day of guests arriving and end on the day that they depart. To ensure calendars sync correctly, add check-in and check-out times to the event.
  • Each time the calendar sync updates, the “Calendar last updated” section on your listing will be updated automatically. This helps give travelers the confidence to book with you.
  • Calendar sync transfers all appointments to your TripAdvisor calendar, including personal ones. We recommend using a separate calendar to record your personal appointments so you don’t lose out on potential bookings.
  • Google calendars should be set to ‘public’ otherwise the information cannot be shared.
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