What if the guest and I can’t reach an agreement on a damage deposit claim?

If you can’t reach an agreement with the guest on a damage deposit claim, try the following:

  • Send them evidence of the damage (if you haven’t done so already)

  • Send a copy of any receipts you’ve obtained (if you have replaced the damaged items already)

If you try the above and neither works, contact us for further advice. Make sure you send us any supporting evidence you’ve collected so we can help you resolve your claim as quickly as possible.


What we will request from you

To support your claim, we will request photographic evidence of the damage, in the form of photos or videos, as well as invoices to give us an indication of the financial impact of the damage.

Please note: we are unable to accept handwritten receipts, word documents or invoices issued by yourself. As a guideline, we only accept invoices which include the following: VAT number, business addresses and/or company header. You may supply these as a PDF,  scanned or photographed copy.


Once we’ve been contacted about the claim, we will make a decision based on the evidence and information we’ve collected from both parties. By passing the dispute to us, you are agreeing that our decision will be final. Please be assured that we will base our decision on evidence only and that we aim to represent guests and owners fairly.

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