The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly and that can make this a confusing time to travel and rent out accommodation. We're currently offering travellers and owners more flexibility in these unprecedented times, to see what applies to your guests and what options you have as an owner, please visit: About the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) - for owners

Holiday Rentals post-covid 19: What you can do to get ready?

We understand that you may be considering how to get your property ready for new bookings after the pandemic and to help guests feel safe and comfortable booking with you. Let’s get started.



- Since guests might take a chance to make a last-minute booking, why not check how many days' notice you currently entered for new bookings? If you are requesting several days notice, you could be missing out on bookings. You can change the settings in your calendar, if you select the Availability settings button at the top right.
- Make sure you have your rates updated for the future! Reports are showing demand for 2022 as well as mid to late 2021. We recommend setting seasonal rates for at least 12-18 months in advance since we have a lot of bookings coming in for future dates. 
- Consider our instant booking feature to allow for quicker booking. Simply click on the Instant Booking toggle in your owner centre under My account. If you can’t see the toggle yet, check our instant booking criteria.


Your listing

- Post-covid, travellers are more concerned than ever with the cleanliness of where they stay. To help guests make the decision when booking, why not add a section describing your cleaning routine. Guests will understand your cleaning fee better if they know what exactly this is being used for. You can add more detailed steps to your listing description.
- If you offer any cleaning products/disinfectant/hand sanitiser to guests or have decided to update any guides you provide to accommodate the changes due to the pandemic, add them to your listing description.
- Take this time to make sure you show your property in the best way possible. Now is the time to update photos or consider high quality pictures, update the amenities you offer and get some great reviews from past travellers. Make your property the bright shining star of the search results in your location.



- Most recently traveller search patterns show that they are checking their protection if they need to cancel. To help reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your rental, consider setting your cancellation policy to Relaxed or Flexible to help attract those early bookers. You can change your cancellation policy for future bookings at any time.
- If you’re using your own booking agreement, why not add a section on Covid-19 travels and information? You can upload a new booking agreement in your booking policies.
- Think about the type of check-in you offer. Guests might feel safer with a self check-in. You can make changes to your check-in instructions in your Welcome Pack.


What should I do if I’m uncomfortable hosting a guest?

If you’re worried about hosting a guest during the pandemic, we understand your concerns and are happy to help. 

  We recommend talking to your guests about what concerns you and if you do not find a solution for a stay at this time, you might want to consider moving the dates of the guests stay to the future.

We continue monitoring the situation, and we will post updates to our policy in About the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) - for owners.
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