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What are base and seasonal prices?

Prices are essential so guests can find you in dated searches – without a price your property will be invisible. 

Base prices
Base prices (previously known as 'default prices') show automatically for any dates not covered by your seasonal prices. This means every date has a price, making travellers more likely to book with you.
Important: without prices your ad will appear at the bottom of the search results and be completely excluded from any dated searches. 
Set your prices so your property never misses out. 

Seasonal prices 
Use seasonal prices to vary your prices according to the time of year. You may want to increase them for popular times, e.g. for the summer holidays, public holidays or special local events. Lower, out-of-season prices will encourage guests to book for the quieter periods.
We recommend setting seasonal prices for at least the next 12-18 months. Set a reminder for every six months or so to add some more.
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