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Why am I not receiving the SMS alerts?


Why am I not receiving SMS alerts?

There are a number of reasons why our SMS alerts are not reaching your mobile device:

  • Format: The mobile phone number we hold for you is incorrect (i.e. remember to select the correct country code and leave out ‘0’ where necessary)

  • Landline Numbers: If the number listed in your account is a landline number and not a mobile phone number, you will not receive SMS alerts but voice calls instead

  • Your phone is switched off or is out of signal: this shouldn't prevent us from sending alerts, it should only prevent you from receiving them immediately

  • Notification settings: Ensure that you are enabling SMS alerts by selecting ‘Text messages ON’ on your Contact settings section


Go to Contact settings in your account to check or amend the phone number we’ve got for you.


How can I test if I am receiving alerts?


In order to test if you are successfully receiving alerts you can send yourself a test Inquiry. Inquiries are normally received within 15 minutes of submitting.

Remember: Respond to the test Inquiry to ensure that this does not affect your response rate.


What can I do if I am not receiving SMS alerts?

  • Reset your mobile number: Go into your Contact settings to re-enter your mobile number and ensure that this is correct

  • You may have to Re-verify your mobile phone number by entering a secure 6-digit verification code to complete the verification process. If you are not receiving the code, you can use the ‘Call Me Instead’ option to receive the code via call

  • Do not call registry: if your mobile number is added to “Do not call registry” this will prevent calls and messages from being received. Please contact your network provider for more information on this.


Notification settings: Ensure that you are enabling SMS alerts by selecting ‘Text messages ON’ on your Contact settings page. Please note: If you have sent STOP to any of our text alerts, go to your Contact settings section > Notification settings and follow the instructions to enable SMS alerts again.


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