What are TripAdvisor’s owner guidelines?

By working with you, we want to create a positive booking experience for travelers to help you collect fantastic reviews and generate bookings from returning guests.
Here are the key ingredients of being a great owner:
Manage your listing effectively
The details on your listing—photos and description for example—  will help travelers decide if your rental is right for them before they book. This means that providing accurate information is vital for a positive booking experience.
Is your calendar up to date?
  • Review and update your calendar regularly to ensure you’re not advertising unavailable dates
  • Set your Availability settings to allow you enough time for changeovers and preparation for last-minute bookings
  • Don’t accept a request you may not be able to honor – cancellations are very disappointing for travelers and will affect your listing performance
Are your prices accurate?
  • Make sure your rates are correct so you don’t have to change the price after a traveler has requested to book your rental
  • Don’t forget to add seasonal rates for peaks in demand or special dates, such as holiday weekends or big local events
Are your photos and information accurate?
  • Ensure you’re using great quality photos and add captions to talk travelers through all your rental’s features
  • Use recent photos—for example if you’ve recently renovated or replaced any furniture—to make sure your rental looks its best
  • Update your description to reflect any changes to your rental or the local area
  • Be clear about the suitability of your rental in your booking policies and add any specific rules or conditions in your house rules for travelers to review before they book
Create a positive rental experience
For even more advice on providing a great guest experience, check out the owner resource centre.
Do your guests have everything they need?
  • Ensure your guest has all the essential information they need in advance (fill in your Welcome Pack to make this easy to manage). You can also follow up with them on their check-in date to make sure they’ve settled in.
  • Personalize the guest’s experience to fit their requirements and needs. If they do have any problems during their stay, always try to remain helpful and patient and work with them to resolve it.
  • Ensure that the guest can contact to you—or a local representative—at all times should any problems arise.
Is your property ready?
  • Ensure the property is clean and ready for your guests when they arrive. We recommend leaving basic cleaning supplies for your guests to use in the event of any accidental spillages or mess.
  • If anything has changed significantly at the property—for example, if an amenity is unavailable—let the guest know before their stay.
  • Provide any useful information about your rental (for example, instructions for appliances) and any advice or recommendations about the local area
Keep communicating
Good communication with guests is an important element of a great experience.
  • Follow up with them after their departure and be open to feedback
  • Collect reviews through your owner center so the guest can share their experience and hopefully encourage more travelers to book your rental
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