What is TripAdvisor Payment Protection? (for owners)

Payment Protection gives guests extra peace of mind when booking a rental through our network of websites. It means that we will offer a full refund for the guest's stay if…

  • they’re prevented or denied access to the rental when they check in

  • the property is misrepresented (differing substantially to what was advertised)

Travelers are covered up to $10,000, £7,000 or €7000 paid via our payment platform (this depends on the currency in which they made the booking).

What does ‘misrepresentation’ mean?

We consider a property to be misrepresented if there are material differences or defects compared to what was advertised.

Payment Protection does not apply if a traveler makes a claim based on the following:

  • the cleanliness of the rental

  • minor differences in the location of the rental

  • the availability of local attractions

  • maintenance issues with amenities or services

For details of what is and isn’t covered by Payment Protection, read our full terms and conditions. There we also explain what is required when making a claim.

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